Dmitry Rodzin was born in Krasnodar (Russia) in 1969. His educational background includes the studies at Krasnodar Art College (1984-1988)and at The Russian Academy of painting, sculpture end architecture (1991-1997) (Russia, Moscow). Now live in Moscow.
His works can be found in the residence of the President of the Russian Federation, Reception House of the President of the Russian Federation, Svyato-Troitsky Serafimo-Diveyevsky Convent, New Jerusalem (Voskresensky) Monastery, St. Panteleimon’s Nunnery (Ukraine, Kyiv) and in other governmental facilities and in private possession in Russia and abroad.

Main exhibitions:

Taoyuan International Watercolour Exhibition. Taiwan, 13-29 october 2017
Solo exhibition in Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan, 2016.
Solo exhibition in Natiofnal Taiwan University of Arts. Taipei, 2015.
Biennale Internationale d'Aquarelle de Narbonne, France, 2014;
Solo exhibition «Otrazheniya» (Reflections) in Moscow in December 2012 - January 2013;
Solo exhibition in the State central Theatral Museum, Moscow, 2002

Main publications:

Dmitry Rodzin//Masters of Watercolor. Interviews with watercolorists. Face and Figure: Text-book. Saint-Petersburg, 2018.
The Art of Dmitry Rodzin. Exhibition Catalogue. Taoyuan, 2016.
The Art of Dmitry Rodzin. Exhibition Catalogue. Taipei, 2015.
World Watercolour Competition Catalogue. France, 2014
A gentle superposed alla prima portrait// The Art of Watercolour, № 14, 2014.
The strength of intimacy // The Art of Watercolour, № 7, 2012.
Secrets and confessions of 15 watercolour Masters. Diverti Editions, France, 2012;