Dmitry Rodzin was born in Krasnodar (Russia) in 1969. His educational background includes the studies at Krasnodar Art College (1984-1988 )and at The Russian Academy of painting, sculpture end architecture, workshop of historical painting (1991-1997) (Russia, Moscow). Now live in Moscow.

Field of activity: easel and monumental paintings, graphics, author's methods.
His works are in the following techniques: oil painting, acrylic, tempera, gouache, watercolor, pastel (and other graphic materials), engraving.
Genres: historical painting, genre art, portrait, landscape still life, animalistic genre.
His paintings are in the Museum of Russian Academy of painting, sculpture end architecture and private collections around the world.
His pieces of monumental art are in the residence of the former President of the Russian Federation, the Reception House of the former President of the Russian Federation, in the Svyato-Troitsky Serafimo-Diveyevsky Convent (the Holy Trinity St. Seraphim-Diveevo convent), New Jerusalem (Voskresensky) monastery, St. Panteleimon convent (Feofania (Kiev)), Huawei Technologies (Shenzhen), 
Church of St. Nicholas at Pavshinskaya Poyma, in other state and non-state institutions and private properties in Russia and abroad.
Dmitry Rodzin invented new unique technique of stone imitation without art brushes. This new technology can be used for decoration of large surfaces, for example: walls, ceiling and columns.

Main exhibitions:

Taoyuan International Watercolour Exhibition. Taiwan, 13-29 October 2017
Solo exhibition in Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan, 2016.
Solo exhibition in National Taiwan University of Arts. Taipei, 2015.
Biennale Internationale d'Aquarelle de Narbonne, France, 2014;
Solo exhibition «Otrazheniya» (Reflections) in Moscow in December 2012 - January 2013;
Solo exhibition in the State central Theatral Museum, Moscow, 2002

Main publications:

Dmitry Rodzin//Masters of Watercolor. Interviews with watercolorists. Face and Figure: Text-book. Saint-Petersburg, 2018.
The Art of Dmitry Rodzin. Exhibition Catalogue. Taoyuan, 2016.
The Art of Dmitry Rodzin. Exhibition Catalogue. Taipei, 2015.
World Watercolour Competition Catalogue. France, 2014
A gentle superposed alla prima portrait// The Art of Watercolour, № 14, 2014.
The strength of intimacy // The Art of Watercolour, № 7, 2012.
Secrets and confessions of 15 watercolour Masters. Diverti Editions, France, 2012;